Version 1.3 Update Preview

After some reconsideration, we have decided to push ahead with the MC personality update early so that it will be ready before the expansion pack and have begun writing and implementing it. For this update, we thought we’d showcase the process and some of the work going into this decidedly very large content update. Admittedly, this will likely push the expansion into Q1 2020, but based on player feedback, we firmly believe this is the best way to move forward.


In-depth Details

At the start of the game, there’s a brand new choice branch. Based on your first action in the morning, your MC’s personality will change. The options are Moody (the default/original personality), Cheerful, Detached (name may change), and Flirtatious. Personalities are grouped into Type A (Moody, Detached) and Type B (Cheerful, Flirtatious). These groups share base “dialogue types,” from which personality-specific variations may branch.

Needless to say, the amount of additional writing going into this is quite immense. For example, we just finished the draft for the game’s first scene’s personality variations and threw them into a word counter. The total, sans programming, is 1,635 words, which took approximately two days to write. Not all scenes will be as variation-heavy, but we expect it to balance out, so we estimate that it will take around 1-2 months to complete the draft.

Of course, it would be silly of us to recommend anyone who’s already finished the game to replay just to see how their player character’s reactions change. So, we’re also including the following new content in the next update.

  • 4 new random events: one for each personality
  • New variations for MC and BF names for some scenes
  • New options in some random events
  • Base Boyfriend can follow any career from start to finish; includes many new scene variations
  • Sub/dom options for sexy scenes
  • Misc. scene revisions based on new internal writing/editing standards

By the end, we expect the new writing in Version 1.3 to add 20,000 to 40,000 words or more, which is approximately 2 to 4 hours of fresh content.


Other Updates

Other minor changes will also be included in version 1.3. More specifically, the phone graphic will be implemented in scenes where you're calling your boyfriend. You can see a draft of the design below.

Plus, some smaller quality-of-life updates will be included, such as daily diary choices being color-coded by personality for your convenience. Other changes will likely only be announced in the final patch notes as they will mostly be added and decided as we work to improve the game over the next few months. However, we're certainly open to suggestions in the meantime.


Thank you for your patience! We hope to come back to you with a version of SSWK that everyone can enjoy properly.

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While i look forwardto the next update, i still can't play the game on my mac so can i ask that you guys fix this issue? Please?

(1 edit)

The problem, unfortunately, isn't one on our end but appears to have come from a recent iOS update and changes to codesigning. It seems that the next version of the game engine may fix the issue, so hopefully, that will be out around the time our big game update is ready. 

In the meantime, the game comes with a free Steam key, and running the game through Steam seems to work, so we recommend Mac users play through Steam until then.

KAY KAY!! Thank you sooo much !!

I'm so happy to see there is an update coming for the mc personality among other things. I tried the demo and I like the idea of the game but the personality of the mc was not meshing with me so it made it hard for me to continue. I'm excited to purchase the game and expansion pack once everything is released!


I'm so pumped for the update! Honestly, I put the game aside and couldn't even finish one route and the main reason was the mc. It was just so hard being needlessly rude/cruel and the opposite of my actual feelings. All of the updates look so good! Thank you so much for accepting critiques gracefully. I'll gladly wait as long as I need to for everything you guys plan.


Which one of those new personalities meant to portray a normal human being that doesn't act over the top?

I guess it's "cheerful". I can only hope MC won't end up unbearably jolly.

I wrote a review right after game's initial release but didn't post it on Steam since I wasn't sure if it fell into a positive or negative category.To sum it up my one and only problem was MC.

I believe giving them a defined personality type makes them one dimensional. Real people can be moody but they don't act moody all the time. They don't usually flirt or tell jokes on every possible occasion.


thank you so much for this update! i felt horrible being so mean to the guy, especially during the prince personality. looking forward to playing again when the update is out!


thank you so much :') i know it's hard to get criticism, but im so happy and I really admire you took it as constructive even if some of the criticism (even my own) was not always super pleasant. I'm really exited to play again and try the new features!! thank you so very much!!