Letter-posts Sold Out + IndieGoGO Update

We've finally sold out of Letter-posts on itch.io! Thank you so much for supporting us! And if you'd still like to get a pre-order at the special price, you can grab one on IndieGoGo (though please be aware the campaign is in Canadian dollars rather than USD).

Anyway, the campaign is doing very well! We're very close to hitting 50% with 25 days left! And, regardless of how much we end with, we'll be re-calculating our goals after we've received those funds and checking to see which goals we've hit after conversion. Please look forward to that. In the meantime, we've finished off our new GUI design and are waiting to hear back from a potential artist.

So, to finish this off, we'll leave you with this amazing sketch by Alison H., who has been creating the Boyfriend logos for us!

Get Signed and Sealed With a Kiss

Pre-order Now$5.00 USD or more


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I've paid for the letter and the expansion pack, but neither have showed up.

May someone help me, i'm bit confused on how to get them.

Thank you.


The game isn't out yet, so the expansion can't be downloaded yet. As for the letter, you need to fill out the survey that showed up after/during the checkout on itch.io. If you filled it out before, the e-mail might've gone to your spam box. In any case, you can e-mail us directly (reineworks@gmail.com) with proof of purchase and your letter of choice and we can send it that way.