Release Details

Hi, all!

We're back with more details on SSWK's launch.

Progress Update

First of all, there won't be a release delay, so no worries there. In any case, since this has been such a long journey, we thought it'd be interesting to give a detailed account of how we've been preparing the game for release over the past month.

Script editing is around 90% complete, with only ~3-4 of the Base Route events left to be done. Sprite programming is actually ahead of schedule, thanks to Ashe & Kisa contributing to that over the past three weeks while Jackie focused on script editing. 

So far, we've ended up cutting more (lines that were overly repetitive or deviated from the scene at hand and disrupted the flow of things) from the script than initially estimated -- probably over 10,000 words worth at this point. So, we're sincerely hoping that there won't be any scenes that feel like they overstay their welcome. 

A few smaller, older sections were also completely rewritten by Ashe to conform to her new standards. Otherwise, Kisa has been double-checking for missing instances of scene variants for Base Boyfriend and writing them in as necessary.

A number of changes were made to the way the game functions in general, as well. Difficulty levels were added for replayability and accessibility, and we rebalanced the number of in-game days, as well as the stat cap. We also added a small animation for each stat raiser-section activity so that players can easily figure out which activity corresponds to which personality (of course, there are a small number of "hidden" scene variations for if you happen to have stat points in certain unrelated stats, too -- although they don't affect anything important)

In general, we've begun using Steam to test game builds, and it's been convenient enough to use that we'll probably use it for all game tests in the future. All achievements appear to be functioning, too.

Post-launch Event

Starting release day, we'll be holding a share/RT-style event to get word about the game out; whether the rewards will be split between Twitter & Tumblr or be combined has yet to be decided. For certain milestones, we'll be adding additional free contents updates to the game. 

As a small preview, our first two goal rewards will be as follows:

  • New choices added into random events
  • 1x additional, sexy mini-random event per personality

Additional Content Roundup

A list of things we plan to add to SSWK as free updates sooner or later. Needless to say, we plan to support the game throughout the whole of 2019 and likely into 2020.

  • Original sprite free DLC (will be aiming for release day but may be delayed 1-2 days if necessary)
  • New random event (per the ongoing poll contest -- check the previous update for details)
  • A few new backgrounds (there are presently 2-3 royalty-free placeholders for backgrounds that fell through the cracks of the asset list)
  • Additional graphics for immersion purposes (mainly a custom cell phone graphic for scenes involving calls/texts)
  • Vegan & vegetarian lifestyle options (post-expansion pack)
  • MC personality options (post-expansion pack)
  • OST update (original budget, for better or worse, had to be put into writing to accommodate the significantly larger than expected script; will hopefully be ready in time for the expansion's release)
  • Visual Novel Mode (post-expansion pack due to the amount of script rewrites required; easy game mode included in the base game for those who don't wish to overthink the gameplay in the meantime)
  • Boyfriend appearance customiser (new sprite set only; post-expansion)
  • Fan translation support (probably post-expansion pack to avoid file errors due to script changes)

Post-launch Content

This is just a quick rundown of what the team will be working on post-release that aren't directly part of the base game.

  • Expansion Pack (Thrillseeker & Fashionista routes)
    • Fashionista's route is already fully written; just needs to be edited & programmed. Thrillseeker's writing will begin a month or so post-release. All CG/sprite artwork already finished.
  • Bonus Booklet
    • Behind-the-scenes info, commentary, art book, and such -- an all-in-one booklet. Will also be an 18+ version with extra stuff.
  • SSWK Clicker
    • Part of an unfulfilled IndieGoGo stretch goal that we can't fit into the main game. It'll be its own game. At the very minimum, will be free to those who supported the game on IGG or pre-ordered on, if not free for all. Canon status TBD.

Mini F.A.Q.

Will there be any other expansion packs?

No. If we continue SSWK in the future, it'll be in the form of a new game altogether. Working on a single title for so long is quite tiring for the team, so it's easiest for us to start over with a new canvas.

What the heck is SSWK Clicker supposed to be?

An entry in the "idle game" genre featuring Boyfriend from SSWK. We won't be deciding whether it's a direct story continuation or spin-off until we've released the expansion pack. Whether it'll be a free or paid game is to be decided based on how much work and money goes into its development.

Will there be a mobile/console port of SSWK?

Our focus at the moment is just getting the game out on PC/Mac/Linux. Once we're 100% done with that and all pending content updates are finished, we'll look into potential ports. Either way, we won't be making any promises.

Can I request a new feature?

As long as it's reasonably doable for a small dev team like us, go for it.

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Super surprised to find out that the game is released?? I supported the campaign on indiegogo but I didn't receive a notice that the game was out! Is it still possible to claim my reward? My order ID is #66 and I paid for the base game and expansion

today is the base release of 1st four guys, those of who boughy guy #5 & #6.

Can we play the 1st four routes today or muat we wait?

That's probably the plan, though there hasn't been any activity on their tumblr/twitter that I've seen so idk if that event they were planning has started yet... 

The game is out now with the first 4 routes!


Already really looking forward to this. I love the idea of adding vegan lifestyle options as I'm vegan and that would be a really nice extra detail. 


Thank you so much for all your hard work!!! I’m counting down the days until release :D


I'msoexcited!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work~


Thank you for all your hard work!!!~ <3