Thank you notes + livestream update

Hey, guys! With our first week on coming to an end, here's another update for you. *We promise the next one won't come until the end of next week. We apologise to anyone who might've been bothered by the amount of updates we've made this week.

On the thank you notes: the first batch should be sent out sometime this weekend. If you haven't filled out the mini-survey that pops up when purchasing Letter-post from the store page and you do want a note, please remember to go back and fill that out. If you can't or if you purchased the Otome Bundle, please send an e-mail to, but do note that you may only receive your note in batch #2.

On the livestream: we've decided on a stream date - August 25th, which is next Friday! Remember to help us out by filling out this pre-livestream survey and get a chance to win the opportunity to design an in-game event/scene! In addition, in the case that Signed and Sealed With a Kiss wins the game stream poll, we will not be streaming the build that is downloadable here but a new one that is presently in the works!

Bonus: you may or may not have noticed this thread we posted in the forums section. In short, we're using all of the pre-order funds to add new content to the game, and we've already hit goal #1 (5 new CGs) and are presently over halfway to meeting goal #2 (new GUI and logo)! 

Thank you so much for all of your overwhelming support! SSWK is doing far better than we ever expected it to, and we could not do this without you.

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All thank you note requests that were sent in prior to Saturday the 19th have been fulfilled! Anything from Saturday onward will be in the second wave.