Release Date + Additional Event Contest + Free Charm Giveaway

A long, long while ago, we held a contest for a fan to come up with a concept for a random event to be added into the game. However, they unfortunately never submitted an answer.  With the base game's release coming April 30th*, this also happens to be a great time to hold another contest.

So, we've decided to create a new contest (with fixed answers) to not only add an additional random event into the game post-release but also give away a free Boyfriend charm to one (or two, if we get at least 300 survey replies) lucky winner. The deadline to submit your survey is April 30th, of course.

You can fill out the survey here!

Thank you for your patience & support throughout SSWK's development. In the coming weeks, we'll be releasing more details on the game's launch.

* If you haven't purchased the game on yet but wish to do so, please keep in mind that the base game's price will permanently rise on April 30th.

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Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I am so excited for the release date as I've been following your project since it began, and am happy to hear you guys are close to the finish line! Making games is no joke; a lot of time is required. In the end, I hope you guys are proud of what you've accomplished - it looks amazing! Best of luck to you, and you're almost there :)

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I pre ordered the game but apparently steam isn;t compatible with my computer, do you know if that will be a problem later on when I'm actually trying to play? will still have the game as a DRM-free download. You don't need Steam to play it at all.

Oh ok! I look forward to the game


Ah this is so exciting!!! I’m pre-ordered and ready to go, the demo and the concept completely convinced me!


We're glad you're excited! Thanks so much for your support!