​If you've purchased the otome double-pack bundle...

If you've purchased the otome double-pack bundle and would like a thank you note from the boyfriend of your choice, please send an e-mail to anomalis.games@gmail.com with your personality of choice. Unfortunately, the bundle didn't give us the option of including the little survey manually. Thank you!

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Just a quick question, sorry if you've answered this elsewhere-but does the visual novel bundle with Tail Makes the Fox include the expansion? Or just the base game?

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It includes the Letter-post edition of SSWK, which includes the base game, expansion, and a thank you note (if you e-mail in your choice).

I purchased the pre-order special deal, but I didn't see a little survey.  Did I miss it or...?  Should I also send an email?

If you purchased Letter-post (Pre-order) directly from the Signed and Sealed With a Kiss store page, you should be able to fill it in retroactively, by checking your order history and/or receipt. Or you can just e-mail it to us, yeah.