Updated Demo Released

Hello! We hope you've all been having a great weekend!

We're proud to announce that we've just uploaded the updated Signed and Sealed With A Kiss demo, as well as given the store page a slight update.

The main changes you'll see are GUI-wise, but we've also added a very short game play section at the end of the demo. You'll have a few in-game days to mess around with the different options to see what raises which stats. Please note, however, that the stats are NOT finalised, so the number may be reduced and the names may be changed. Finally, there have been a few changes to the first scene of the game, although they are fairly minor.

As you may already know, we're still planning on adding additional game play features to the game. However, they will only be implemented at a later point, as we're still discussing the best way to implement them within the story, and they likely won't appear until the content that comes after the demo ends.

Moving on, we now post monthly SSWK updates straight to the Anomalis Tumblr page. If you'd like to see what's getting done each month, make sure to subscribe there. You can check out this month's update right here. Please note, however, that there won't be a January update, because of most everyone being on vacation for the holidays.


Signed_and_Sealed_With_a_Kiss-Demo2-mac.zip 273 MB
Dec 17, 2017
Signed_and_Sealed_With_a_Kiss-Demo2-pc.zip 287 MB
Dec 17, 2017

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I'm not even done with the demo yet but I love this! The writing is so good and snarky <3

Definitely buying after I'm done.

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Loved the old demo, i'll play it this new version too and i sure it will be great ^^