A downloadable mod

Play Signed and Sealed With a Kiss with the game's original sprite set with this free DLC pack!

Install instructions

1. Open your Signed and Sealed With a Kiss v1.2 (or higher, if it exists at the time you're reading this) installation folder. 

2. Go to the "Game" folder.

3. Place the "sprites_original.rpa" file in the folder.

4. Play the game like normal.


sprites_original.rpa 44 MB


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I noticed I only had the v1.0 version so I tried downloading the SASWAK v1.2 but now the game doesn't open. Also I get the message "There's no application set to open the document "sprites-original.rpa" 

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It sounds like you might be trying to open the .rpa file instead of running Signed_and_Sealed_With_a_Kiss.exe., or the equivalent for your OS. The .rpa file only sits in your game folder, and you start the game the normal way.

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I deleted the expansions & re-downloaded version 1.2 game, this time opening it without any of the new expansions first to see if it would open by itself. Then trying to force it to open by right-clicking and choosing "Open" rather than just double clicking

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And the first thing that pops up when I try to download the packs from online/itchio. I have a mac computer)

Seems to work on steam only



I assume this has ALL the personalities.  (BADBOY, HERE I COME)


Yes, it does!

Can we use the original sprites with the Steam version of the game?


Yes, they can be manually installed in the same way. Later today, we'll upload an additional branch of the game that'll automatically download them on Steam, as well.

Perfect! Thank you <3